To pass along the virtues of the game of Lacrosse to the Youth of Bedford

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Men's Lacrosse FAQ
  • What is the object of lacrosse?
    • The object is to put the ball into your opponent's goal.
  • How does the game begin?
    • A lacrosse game begins with a face off at the midfield line at the X spot in the center of the field.
  • What is a face off?
    • A face off consists of the two center players at the mid-field line crouching down and placing their sticks on the ground so that the heads of the sticks have their backs to each other. The official then places the ball on the ground between the heads of the sticks, steps back and blows a whistle which signals to the players they can fight for possession of the ball.
  • When are face offs used?
    • At the beginning of a game, at the beginning of each quarter and after each goal is scored.
  • How many men are there on a lacrosse team?
    • Squads range from 25 to 30 men normally.
  • How many men are there on the field for one team?
    • There are ten men consisting of one goaltender, three defense men, three midfielders, and three attack men.
  • What are the goaltender's special privileges?
    • He uses the largest stick on the field with a maximum width of 12 inches. He is the only one allowed to use a stick this large. He cannot be checked if he has gained possession of the ball within the crease are nor is an opponent allowed in the crease area.
  • What is defined as "in the crease area"?
    • A goaltender is considered in the crease as long as he has one foot on or within the 18-foot diameter circle. If he lifts his foot up and puts t back down while in the possession of the ball, it is called "out and in" and he loses possession of the ball.
  • How long can a goaltender stay in the crease with the ball?
    • A goaltender has four seconds to step out of the crease or throw the ball to a teammate. If he does not do this, he loses possession of the ball.