To pass along the virtues of the game of Lacrosse to the Youth of Bedford

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Welcome to Bedford Youth Lacrosse

We play all players equally with the goal of teaching the sport and providing a fun, safe and meaningful experience. We police ourselves in the effort to create equal teams within the program, teach all positions, and provide an outlet for kids that has not been swept up in the pressure filled, win-at-all-cost mania that is too present in today's youth sports.

If we are successful, we hope to create a life long passion in our players and volunteers for the great sport of Lacrosse.

Confirmed - Thu 12/8 - Sidewall Jedi - BHS Cafeteria

Confirmed - Thu 12/8 - Sidewall Jedi - BHS Cafeteria!


Interested in taking your player's game to the next level? Want to inspire confidence in your equipment? Looking for a holiday gift?

BYL is excited to sponsor a local evening with the Lars Keil AKA "The Sidewall Jedi"!

On Thursday, Dec 8th from 6:30 - 8pm, BYL invites all Bedford youth players and BHS players to a Free Event with Lars Kiel "The Sidewall Jedi"! Stick stringing services will be available, and Lacrosse Heads for Boys and Girls will be for sale.

Event will be held at the Bedford High School, Rear Cafeteria.


Check out Lars' site at for inspiration!

Watch for news in your feed and our social channels for details!

Bucs on 3!

by posted 11/01/2022
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